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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do your children know what you do?

My son always asks me what I do. Before I was working I told him, "I am your mommy and my job is to take care of you."

Now that I have my own business and I work from home I tell him, "Mommy has lots of jobs. I take care of you and keep you healthy. I also help other moms take care of their families so their children can be healthy. Mommy teaches others how to help the Earth and have their own business." I feel very proud of my answer. So what do you tell your children you do?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Be a Green Entrepreneur

Starting a "green" business has grown from 500 to 4,000 in the last 15 years, according to MSN. Why? More and more companies and consumers care about the environment and want to profit from it verses hurting it. Interestingly enough most of the jobs and careers focusing on being green cost a college degree and that is far from cheap. I suppose if you're interested in becoming a sustainability manager for huge companies to keep them up to speed on environmental issues then it might be worth the degree. Maybe an environmental educator (teacher) for an envrionmental charter school? I'm a certified teacher and have friends that teach for charter schools and they don't make much. Honorable though. Perhaps you want to be a green designer and help familes have environmentally friendly decor?

The best idea, in my opinion, is to be a green entrepreneur. You might being seeing dollar signs and thinking it will cost too much money to start your own business. Nah. What if I told you that you could have an earth friendly business for only $299? You can be your own C.E.O. of your own green business. The bonus is that you aren't working for someone else, your helping the envrionment, making your wallet more green, working with others like yourself and getting help from them (so you aren't alone). Most companies are just becoming green and earth friendly but you could work with a company that has been earth friendly for 51 years and was green long before green was cool. Think about it...$299 and you have your own business and you can be considered a green entrepreneur. To start most businesses you need a loan (more debt), a business plan (time consuming) and you have no support network to help you through the process. What's $299 worth to you? Did I mention that it would be a global business right from you backyard? A company in five countries and in the next ten year it will be in 50 countries. That's a wave you might want to ride.

So join me and I'll be your support network along with hundreds of other people that are a phone call away. Online conference calls, training, support and so much more that is no additional cost to you. Free training from experienced business builders in the industry that want to help you succeed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The cost of childcare---another reason to work from home.

I have several friends that pay for two children or more to be in childcare. I even have a good friend that has over 50% of her check each week going toward childcare expenses. Now to me this seems crazy when she could have a home based business like I do, be home with her children and make more in profit than she does working each day for someone else. Shoot, not to mention the tax benefits, freedom, vacations, and savings on gas, eating out, and work clothes.

MSN money just ran an article on the childcare trap and how it's really having an impact on working parents. When the middle class is just barely scraping by with our econonmy the way it is there is no way to get ahead. Want to buy a home, upgrade the car, take a vacation, have a savings account? Everyone does but not that many people can or so they think.

Folks, wake up and smell the coffee! MLM's and network marketing is making a come back and making it possible to be at home with the kids. It's making it possible to have this AND that. Why should you live paycheck to paycheck. Everyone is so afraid of being scammed, failing, or just trying something new. It's a mind set and you and only you are building up the brick wall. So knock it down and start your own home based business AND start being in charge of your future. Maybe you won't be home with the kids tomorrow but set goals, be reasonable and soon enough you will and can have what your heart desires. I do and it's no joke.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Pyramid Scheme....right?

When I first started working from home with my MLM business here are some comments I got and they're pretty common...

"You're doing a pyramid thing...right?"
"Oh, so that's a pyramid thingamabob?
"I don't want anything to do with a triangle."

These comments kind of freaked me out and burst my bubble. I even doubted myself a time or two. So I researched pyramid schemes and MLM companies because what if I was fooled? A pyramid is illegal and MLM companies that are schemes get shut down because they are pushing a business with NO product. A pyramid scheme wouldn't be legal for 51 years like the company I chose.

Here's my advise to you, while I sip on a fat free mocha latte....don't try to change the person's mind. Move on. A very motivational upline of mine said to remember this phrase, W.O.W. (with or without you) They'll come around when they see you being successful. Your not in the business of changing people's mind. Also, don't dwell on these type of comments or you'll just attract more of them. The whole "Secret" concept.

I'd love to hear more comments on how to deal with these negative comments but this is not a forum for pushing your MLM company. It's a forum to learn how to be successful with the company you are with and to learn from those in the business.